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Here are events, documents and registration links that apply to our OA Lodge for
July through December 2023. Events specific to the OA are in Purple.

Forge On! Scouting Adventure:

Forge On!
Right now we are in need of event staff. If you'll be helping us staff the event, please feel free to sign up under the "Staff" registration. For OA staff, we will be breaking it up into morning and evening shifts. If you work the morning shift, you can do activities on the opposite shift.

Additionally, Patrick Herr will be heading up our presence at the Camporee. We are in need of event staff for two areas. One group will be working on program support, and the other will be working on OA promotion. Program support will be in charge of various things like staff meals, parking, etc. Meanwhile, OA promotion will be in charge of promoting the OA to the participants there, encouraging people to attend lodge events, and more. OA promotion may also run an activity station depending on the needs at the event. If you’re interested in helping out, please fill out Patrick’s form to indicate that: .


We’re also in need of an adult to act as the adviser for the Camporee committee. If interested, please reach out to

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