Welcome to the Ottawa Chapter of Lowaneu Allanque Lodge #41

Here you can find information on events and meetings specific to our Ottawa Chapter.



June Ottawa Chapter Meeting - June 2, 2021 at 7:00pm - planning to be in person

Spring Fellowship - June 4 - 6 - Camp Freeland Leslie, Oxford, Wisconsin

Fall Fellowship - September 10 -12, 2021 - Camp Big Timber, Elgin, Illinois

Meetings will be electronic until the COVID situation clears up and allows in person meetings. Updates and announcements are sent out by Slack and email so make sure that your personal OA Lodgemaster account is current and includes your email address. If you have questions on your Lodgemaster account please send it to sean.nadeau@scouting.org

Join the Ottawa Chapter Slack Discussion at Join Ottawa Chapter on Slack.


Join Ottawa Chapter on Slack

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Make sure that you pay you pay your dues if you want to attend future events or want to stay on the Order of the Arrow roster. You may pay online at OA41.org.


The next E-Board is August 19th (8/19/2021). At this point it is undecided if it will be via Teams or in person, or a mix of the two. I encourage you to attend an E-Board if you’ve not. Typically at E-Board, we vote on topics such as Bylaw amendments, themes for fellowships, and more. On top of this, it's an opportunity to hear the Chapter Report and see how well we are performing as a Chapter. Adults and Youth are welcome to attend, however only the youth may vote.


Not too long ago, our lodge Bylaws got updated. If you’d like to read them, or propose your own amendment, you can do so by reading the Bylaws here: https://fa082be1-f729-45b1-8353-c45b6854083e.filesusr.com/ugd/a6502c_93c72194f2a444d8b2c7901a96f45d5e.pdf

Chapter Chief - Vinny H

Chapter Vice Chief - Lucas S

Election Teams Coordinator - Vincent V

Chapter Adviser - Bob Hlavacek, Scouterbob@att.net, (630) 567-3092