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Welcome to the Ottawa Chapter of Lowaneu Allanque Lodge #41

Here you can find information on events and meetings specific to our Ottawa Chapter.

Upcoming Chapter & Lodge Meetings:

EBoard meetings are in person or virtual on the 3rd Thursday of every month except June & July.)

I encourage you to attend an E-Board if you’ve not. Typically at E-Board, we vote on topics such as Bylaw amendments, themes for fellowships, and more. On top of this, it's an opportunity to hear the Chapter Reports and see how well we are performing as Chapters. Adults and Youth are welcome to attend, however only the youth may vote.

LOCATION: Bethany Lutheran Church, 8 S. Lincoln St., Batavia, IL

Upcoming 2024 E-Board Dates:  May 16, Aug 15, Sep 19, Oct 17, Nov 21



Join us for our Ottawa Chapter Meetings:

They are at the same place and time as the Adult Leader Roundtables on the 1st Thursdays of each month. 7:00 - 8:00 pm Where: Fox Valley Presbyterian Church (227 East Side Drive #1544, Geneva, IL 60134) 

Ottawa Chapter Officers

Chapter Chief - Sean O'Brien

Chapter Vice Chief - George Hutchens

Ottawa Chapter Adviser - Sean O'Brien Sr

Hi everyone, Here's the link for the RVSP for our chapter PIZZA PARTY on MAY 2nd. 7PM It's free, but YOU HAVE TO RSVP. Parents please share with your units and fill out the RSVP with your child's info if they are going and didn't fill it out. The party is on a different day and time than usual at Bethany Lutheran Church. Details are on the signup. Please bring some games and activities to do outside! 

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