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To All Scouts called out for the OA in 2024!

If you have been called out for membership in the Order of the Arrow - and haven't completed your Ordeal yet - you need to schedule yourself to join us at one of the available Ordeals being held by your Lodge this year! The Lowaneu Allanque Lodge will offer 2 opportunities to complete your Ordeal in 2024. 

1) Spring Fellowship - June 7-9 2024 @ Camp Big Timber in Elgin

2) Fall Fellowship - September 13-15, 2024 @ Camp Big Timber in Elgin

Leaders: Please share this message with your Scouts that need to complete their Ordeals!

The Ordeal Candidate Packet is attached and you can follow this link.


Save the DATE! Fall Fellowship will be held on Fri-Sun, Sept 13-15th at Camp Big Timber in Elgin.

At this fellowship we will be holding Ordeal Memberships, and doing our annual Vigil Callout for those members elected in June. Registration will begin in June.

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