Welcome to the Chippwa Chapter of Lowaneu Allanque Lodge #41

Here you can find information on events and meetings specific to our Chippewa Chapter.

Greetings fellow Arrowmen,

Chippewa Camping (June Meeting):

The Chippewa District is hosting camping for all members of the district. It is free of cost as long as you register before June 12th. https://scoutingevent.com/127-47521

The date of this event is from June 18th - June 20th. I will be attending this event and camping and helping out myself. We will need more people to attend and volunteer to help out! I've attached resources to this email with more information on this activity.

I want to take this opportunity to thank those individuals who have paid dues. If you've not paid your dues, bare in mind you should not be wearing your sash or wearing the lodge emblem until you do so. I am aware that there are a few issues with dues, as a number of individuals have come forward to me who have paid dues, but are not listed as such. If you'd like to confirm that, you can always reach out to me on Discord








The next E-Board is August 19th (8/19/2021). At this point it is undecided if it will be via Teams or in person, or a mix of the two. I encourage you to attend an E-Board if you’ve not. Typically at E-Board, we vote on topics such as Bylaw amendments, themes for fellowships, and more. On top of this, it's an opportunity to hear the Chapter Report and see how well we are performing as a Chapter. Adults and Youth are welcome to attend, however only the youth may vote.


Not too long ago, our lodge Bylaws got updated. If you’d like to read them, or propose your own amendment, you can do so by reading the Bylaws here: https://fa082be1-f729-45b1-8353-c45b6854083e.filesusr.com/ugd/a6502c_93c72194f2a444d8b2c7901a96f45d5e.pdf


All Chippewa members are invited to join us on Discord, where we post information related to our OA Chapter: https://discord.com/invite/5kKpDM6 

Join us on our Chippewa Chapter's Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/158321257515161

Chapter Chief - Ryan D

Chapter Vice Chiefs - Jordan L & James G

Chapter Secretary - Tim T

Elections Coordinators - Carter D and James G.

Ceremonies Coordinator - Adam B.

Quartermaster - Caitlyn O.

Chapter Adviser - Dan Vitous - dvitous@gmail.com

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