Welcome to the Chippwa Chapter of Lowaneu Allanque Lodge #41

Here you can find information on events and meetings specific to our Chippewa Chapter.

Upcoming Chapter Meetings:

I wanted to push some last minute information out relating to the Chapter Training Academy. This event will be our Chapter Meeting for February, and is on February 20th from 9am-12. You can come for as much or as little as you want. We have 4 wonderful trainings planned, which center around Ceremonies, Elections, Unit Representatives, and Chapter Officer positions. Adults are also welcome to come.


Meeting ID: 844 1182 8848

Passcode: 416402

Our next planned meetings are: TBD

Officer Meeting: Tues, Jan 27th @ 7pm

Greetings fellow Arrowmen,

I wanted to give a brief rundown on our Chapter Meetings. As many may have noticed, we did not have a Chapter Meeting on the first Thursday. The February meeting is a bit longer, and has been moved to February 20th from 9-12. This meeting will be our Chapter Training Academy. While there, we are planning to run four classes. We will be doing Elections Training, OA Rep and Unit Relations Training, Officer Training and Callout Ceremony Training. I encourage everyone to attend. If you are planning on attending, you MUST sign up via this Google Form link. https://forms.gle/M2Mx2HVsATrhhSRX8. Adults and Youth may sign up, and I would encourage adults to attend this meeting in particular.

I wanted to also take a moment to congratulate our newest Chapter Officer, Caitlyn, who is now our Chapter Quartermaster.

As members of the OA, another thing we do is cheerful service. There is a Chippewa Scouting for Food event going on, that you can participate in. I encourage you to get involved as an individual, or get your entire unit involved. The link for all of that is found here: https://sites.google.com/view/chippewa-scouting-for-food/home. That event is occurring from February 13th to the 20th, and you can earn service hours for participation.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank those individuals who have paid dues. If you've not paid your dues, bare in mind you should not be wearing your sash or wearing the lodge emblem until you do so. I am aware that there are a few issues with dues, as a number of individuals have come forward to me who have paid dues, but are not listed as such. If you'd like to confirm that, you can always reach out to me on Discord.

In addition to everything else going on in February, we have elections consistently running. If you're unit has not scheduled an election, please do so. We are still missing responses from around 40 units. If you've been trained in elections and would like to sign up to help at an election, you may do so here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d45a4a829a0f4c34-unit.

We also have a number of other service opportunities from our District that are coming up. If you'd like to participate in those, I would recommend joining our Discord. Discord is a free service that allows us to communicate in a less formal manner, while still observing YPT. https://discord.gg/5kKpDM6

All Chippewa members are invited to join us on Discord, where we post information related to our OA Chapter: https://discord.com/invite/5kKpDM6 

Join us on our Chippewa Chapter's Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/158321257515161

Chapter Chief - Ryan D

Chapter Vice Chiefs - Jordan L & James G

Chapter Secretary - Tim T

Elections Coordinators - Carter D and James G.

Ceremonies Coordinator - Adam B.

Quartermaster - Caitlyn O.

Chapter Adviser - Dan Vitous - dvitous@gmail.com

Lowaneu Allanque Lodge #41 - Order of the Arrow
Proudly serving the Three Fires Council, BSA
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