Here are events, documents and registration links that apply to our OA Lodge for November & December. Events specific to the OA are in Purple.

This Thursday is our next Executive Board meeting, and the last chance to turn in First Year Arrowman Award forms. The forms can be turned in online by sending them to, or in-person on Thursday. First Year Arrowman Award forms can be found on the Lodge website under the “Lodge Paperwork and Forms” tab. These forms need to be signed off by your Chapter Chief and Chapter Adviser before they get turned into the Lodge. In Chippewa, your Chief is Tim Treacy ( and your Adviser is Mr. Vitous ( In Ottawa, your Chief is Nicholas Shute ( and your Adviser is Mr. Hlavacek ( In Potawatomi, your Chief is Lucas Wilson ( and your Adviser is Mr. Wilson ( If you are unable to get in touch with a Chapter Officer turn in the form anyways and the Key 6 can verify it.


Hello Lowaneu Allanque Lodge!

This is your Vice Chief of Committees here to brin

g in the holiday season by informing you about an event very near and dear to me. The first-ever Lowaneu Allanque holiday party. This event will be at the Bethany Lutheran Church from 6:30-8:30 pm on 12/16/2021 and is taking the place of our December E-board.

People who attend the holiday party will enjoy snacks, games, a white elephant ($10 maximum), a lodge raffle, an ugly sweatshirt contest with free dues on the line, and treat themselves to some holiday party-branded root beer. Members will also be able to bring a non-member (preferably eligible for election) for a reward. We will have Section C-7 Chief Tim Reiss in attendance. We are hoping that this event will be a good rest stop from the slew of final exams/projects and holiday planning we all tend to go through at this time of year. 

For the raffle, tickets will be $1 apiece for the chance to win a number of items: A case of the holiday party-branded root beer signed by the key-6, the 25th-anniversary patch collection, a lodge merch bundle, and the Lodge Secretary Surprise Box.  

I hope to join many of you at the party for some fun and relaxation!

Yours in brotherhood,

Austin M.  | Vice Chief of Committees

LOCATION: Bethany Lutheran Church, 8 S. Lincoln St., Batavia, IL

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