Here are events, documents and registration links that apply to our OA Lodge for March & April. Events specific to the OA are in Purple.

It is the greatest time of the year … No, not Christmas, it’s Section Conclave season! From April 16-18, 2021, you could be a part of the virtual Conclave festivities, from trainings, to lodge competitions, to an iMessage Basketball competition, special guests, and opening and closing shows, there’s surely something for everyone!


There are four different options for registration, called:

  • General Tier

  • Builder Tier

  • Foreman Tier

  • Site Manager Tier

With each registration Tier, the higher you go, the more goodies you’ll receive!  Visit our website, for information including pricing and items received! A description of the different Tiers and what each includes can be found on the website,!

Not only will there be different registration levels, but there are so many unique virtual activities for you all to participate in, including iMessage Basketball competitions, lodge competitions, shows, trainings, and much more! You may even hear from a special guest or two throughout the weekend!

April 16-18, 2021 C-7 April Section Conclave – The decision to hold the April 2021 Section Conclave was made this past week and announced to our Area 7 CVCs & CVC Advisers, as well as on our social media with a video from the Section Officers. The April 2021 Section Conclave will be held virtually April 16-18, 2021. Available programming will occur Friday night and in “blocks of time” throughout Saturday. The Section Officer Elections will still be held on Sunday, April 18th (virtually). An updated Section Officer Election Memo is attached to this email. This will all be streamed on the Section’s YouTube channel as well. Look for more information soon from the Officers and CVCs!

2021-04 C7 Conclave.JPG